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Alternative Basic Core Build using Stalker

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Ross here again! 

(For the nth time) Since the Star Gladiator's Miracle has been removed, I've decided to post an alternative core build which deals decent damage with just freebie and mall equips! (For le newbies huehue)


But first, why stalker?

  • Raid damage is decent (even with freebie and mall equips), and the spam is almost identical to SG's heat skills (except that you're gonna have to use your macro to spam Raid)
  • Due to Stalker's plagiarism skill, you can copy a skill to improve your mobility (Flying Side Kick, Charge Attack, etc.)  (NOTE: Never forget to use Preserve to keep your copied skill)
  • Apparently, sniper deals the best damage so far in the core room, but we ain't got no time to target dem mobs. Better to just stand there, spam raid while Elviras swarm you huehue.
  • In conclusion, stalker is like 1/2 SG (due to Raid + plagiarism for FSK), almost 1/2 of Sniper's damage as well!


So here are the stats and equipment for your core hunter!

STATS: (No Rebirth)

STR: 1000
AGI: 1
VIT: Put all remaining points
INT: 1
DEX: 1
LUK: 670 [Make sure to reach 100 PD; it is the number beside your flee (e.g. Flee 1455 + 100)]


BASIC BUILD: [Deals around 4m per Raid]

Top Headgear: +10 Free Top Headgear                        [Cards: 4 Seyren Windsor]

Mid Headgear: +10 Free Mid Headgear                         [Cards: 4 Seyren Windsor]

Low Headgear: +10 Free Low Headgear                        [Cards: 4 Seyren Windsor]

Armor: [Common] Wool Coat                                         [Cards: 4 Gloom Under Night]

Weapon: [Common] Human Hammer of Audacity   [Cards: 1 Dracula, 1 Sniper, 2 Skel Worker]

Shield: Valkyrie Shield                                                      [Cards: 2 Dark Shadow]

Manteau: [Common] Basic Old Manteau                     [Cards: 4 Giant Whisper]

Shoes: [Common] Basic Warrior Grieves                      [Cards: 4 Amon Ra]

Accessories: 2x [Common] Basic Warrior Rings         [Cards: 8 Mantis]


OTHER STUFF to BRING (can be bought in @mall)

  • Aloevera (You'd deal almost 4m with it)
  • LOTS OF Aspersio Scrolls and Holy Water  (Elvira is a shadow-property mob so this one's a must-have)
  • Speed Potions (For faster movement speed, of course)
  • Bubblegum (Preferably HE BBG) to increase drop chance!


Refining your headgears is very important to deal higher damage (due to Seyren Windsor cards)! To refine your headgears, go to [@warp askald 99 151]

Where to get refine stones? You can get them via logging!  

You may refer to the guides below!

or you can ask from our old players to spare you a few refine stones haha


NOTE that this build is only an alternative build.

Star Gladiator still is the most convenient class to use in core room due to its mobility (Sprint) and no-spam methods (Heat skills) but the damage is not achievable with just basic equips.

You can check out Nebula's Elvira Farming Guide for the Star Gladiator build!


So.. that's all for now! 

Feel free to pm me in-game if you have questions!



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4 hours ago, Weisse said:

LUK: 420 [Make sure to reach 100 PD; it is the number beside your flee (e.g. Flee 1455 + 100)]


Pro Tip #11

Try to get 420 (Blaze it) on as many things as you possibly can. (Stats, Items, Zeny)

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