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28/06/2020 Changelog

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Global Changes:
All WoE Schedules have now been moved to 9:00PM~10:00PM (GMT+8)
Disabled/Removed the ff Charms:
-- ATK +50
-- ATK +250
-- MATK +50
-- MATK +250
-- Hit +50
-- Hit +250
-- Flee +50
-- Flee +250
-- Crit +50
-- Crit +250

Item Changes:
-- Added [Ancient] Enigmatic Ethereal (used for making Ancient Weaponry)
-- Added [Ancient] Lost Artifact (used for making Ancient Weaponry)
-- Added [Ancient] Macloizite (used for making Weaponry Costumes)
-- Added [Ancient] Ashoclase (used for making Weaponry Costumes)
-- All Custom Equipments / Weapons with Hit and Flee additionals has been fixed of adding +25 Hit and +10 Flee
-- All Offensive Charms included under the following category has been reduced from 2% to 1%:
    >Charms 2.0
    >Charms 4.0
NPC Changes:
-- World Boss now spawn in a rotational manner
-- Added Final Stage of World of Worlds [ Helheim ]

Monster Changes:
-- Added 4 new World Boss
    > Enchantress
    > Kongor
    > Arthur
    > Demon Lord
-- Added 1 new Boss at World of Worlds
    > Amora's Treasure Keep( Helheim )

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