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21/06/2020 Changelog

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Global Changes:
-- Holy Light damage capped at 1,500,000
-- Disabled Unlimited Assumptio Scroll on KoE/WoE
-- Daily Login Rewards implemented (type @audanambawan to claim ur daily reward)
-- Removed @duel 60 seconds cooldown
-- Renewed Cash Shop items
-- Arena 3 Now only allows the ff HG:
    > Free Top Headgear
    > Free Mid Headgear
    > Free Low Headgear

Item Changes:
-- Removed all Armors with increased in Demi-Human Resist
-- Reverted old Brynhildr to normal effect
-- Removed trade restrictions of the ff:
   >Convex Mirror
-- Increase Damage boost of Cookie Card from 10% to 100%
-- Spineripper Book Auto-cast now only works when using Skill Soul Destroyer
-- Spineripper Book increased Meteor Assault level from 5 to 10

NPC Changes:
-- Added Platinum Box Converter @ Currency Exchanger NPC
-- Added Sunshine Core Box Converter @ Currency Exchanger NPC
-- Reverted All Gachapon back at @quests area
-- Updated Freebies NPC ( Added MvP Tokens, Event Medals, Burning Spirit, Wood, 50 RAC's )
-- Added Grand Gachapon NPC ( to be activated on July 2020 )
-- Updated items in Black Market NPC ( now includes all available HG's from Donation/PvP/WoE/Event Shop)

Monster Changes:
-- Increased Movement Speed of Infernal
-- Infernal will now cast Teleport on the player to avoid over stacking

Skill Changes:
-- Reduced Kihop skill Lv. from 5 to 1
-- Disabled Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Courier

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