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Amazing Race Event

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What: Amazing Race Event!
When: Sunday, 07/06/2020 (10:30PM) GMT+8
Where: askald

- Must be in a pair of 2 to join/participate the event
- Must be in a party
You will face challenges of combined events consisting the ff:
1. Hide and Seek Event
2. Crack the Pub Event
2. Scavenger Event

- You must find the GM and crack their pub to get the list of requirements so that you can go to the next Flag.
- Once you've gathered the required materials, the GM will give you the next location.
- Every member of the GM team will have their own unique list of items to scavenge/hunt so be prepared!
- You can't cheat your way to the next flag without progressing with the previous flag. Regardless if someone whispered the location of the next flag, we'll know cause we'll be in active comms.

Pre-registration of party will start 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

First Place:
10,000 Revamp Audacity Coin
10,000 Sunshine Core
5,000 Platinum Coin
1,000 Event Medal
10 Audacious Card Album
10 Augmentation Box

Second Place:
8,000 Revamp Audacity Coin
8,000 Sunshine Core
4,000 Platinum Coin
800 Event Medal
8 Audacious Card Album
8 Augmentation Box

Third Place:
6,000 Revamp Audacity Coin
6,000 Sunshine Core
3,000 Platinum Coin
600 Event Medal
6 Audacious Card Album
6 Augmentation Box

2,000 Revamp Audacity Coin
2,000 Sunshine Core
1,000 Platinum Coin
100 Event Medal
1 Audacious Card Album
1 Augmentation Box


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