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  1. This guide can help you kill MVPs using an Assassin Cross with Unique Equip and Mall Cards only. Let's cut to the chase. Equipment Top Headgear (5% All Elements Resist) -3 Leib Olmai Cards -1 Giearth Card Mid Headgear (+15% ATK) -3 Leaf Cat Cards -1 Giearth Card Low Headgear (50% Chance to Lifesteal) -4 Giant Hornet Cards Unique Nefarious Armor -1 Tao Gunka and 3 Gloom Under Night Cards Unique God Hammer (Main hand) -3 Turtle General Cards -1 Sniper Card Unique God Hammer (Off hand) -4 Minorous Cards Unique Nefarious Garment -4 Raydric Cards Unique Nefarious Shoes -1 Moonlight Flower Card -3 Firelock Soldier Cards 2x Common Basic Warrior Rings -8 Mantis Cards Stats Str - 1000 Luk - 500 Vit - Put remaining stats in Vit Buy these items from the Consumables Shop at the Mall before entering the MVP Dungeon: - Poison Bottles - Elemental Converters - Aspersio Scrolls - Holy Waters - Cursed Waters - Chemical Protection Scrolls - Glistening Coats - Assumptio Scrolls What to do: 1. Enter the MVP Dungeon 2. Buff up with Assumptio and Chemical Protection Scrolls 3. Look for an MVP and type "@mi 'MVP/Boss monster name'" 4. Check the MVP's Element 5. Use the appropriate element that the MVP is weak against, Enchant Deadly Poison, click the MVP, and watch it die helplessly. 😥 Tips: Use Holy (Aspersio Scroll) against Dark/Shadow/Undead monsters Use Dark/Shadow (Cursed Water) against Holy monsters Use Fire against Earth monsters Use Water against Fire monsters Use Wind against Water monsters Use Earth against Wind monsters Use ANY of the 4 basic elemental converters against Neutral/Ghost/Poison monsters Familiazrize yourself with the MVPs inside the MVP Dungeon. Know which MVPs you should run away from (e.g. Demon Ingrid, Njord, Gyges etc.). Some can 1 hit KO you. 🤣🤣🤣
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